Πωλουνται κοτοπουλακια μεγαλοσωμα λεγκορν (italiener) giant leghorn

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To Italiener Leghorn ειναι μια φυλή με μεγάλη ουρα και τόπο καταγωγής την Γερμανια και προορισμό καθαρά τό αυγό. Στό Italiener Leghorn θά βρείτε μιά σπάνια ισσοροπία ανάμεσα στην ομορφιά και στην παραγωγικότητα.Οι ειδικοί συμφωνούν οτι η φυλή του κοτόπουλου αυτού υπερβαίνει τίς προσδοκίες τους σε παραγωγη αυγων.

The native Livorno is a leaner and taller breed compared to the Italiener selected in Germany. The neck is carried upright and slightly arched, which confers to the bird a lively and alert appearance. Even the temper is different: the Livorno is quieter than Italiener (German stock). The tail is carried with an angle of 40-45° in the male and 30-35° in the female.
The main tail feathers are quite opened and regularly arranged. In the cock the sickles are rounded and they cover the main tail feathers. The body has the shape of a cylinder, of medium length, slightly sloping towards the rump.
Wings are worn closed and very tight to the body, with horizontal inferior line.
The legs are longer than in the Italiener, The shanks are fine-boned, of a beautiful deep yellow (orange traces are admitted); 4 toes. Yellow skin. The abdomen is well developed, especially in the female, which is a good layer. All the livery is tight to the body, with ample and soft feathers.
The head is well shaped.
The beak is proportioned to the head and yellow (dark traces are accepted on the edge, only in varieties Barred, Blue and Black)
Eyes are big and lively, red-orange.
Single comb, of medium size, carried erected in the male, and folded after the second point in the female. Five-pointed, with a quite ample base, regularly distributed on the comb blade, radial to the eyes. They must be erect, not leaning backwards.
A 4 or 6-pointed comb can be considered a good one. The comb blade follows the neckline without touching it. The wattles are red, oval-shaped, of medium length, without any horizontal or vertical wrinkle.
The face is red and smooth.
The earlobes are white, oval-shaped, smooth, with no trace of red.

- Cock: 2.5-3.1 kg
- Hen: 2.0-2.7 kg
- Eggs: 200

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